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Learning How To Live In God's Grace and Favor!

6 Things God Will Do For You!

"Comfort, Comfort My People"

66 times in the Bible God says, "Comfort, comfort My people".

                               The book of Isaiah describes the trouble God's people were having obeying all the laws and living in love.                                         They wandered away from a loving God just like all of us have done. And so Isaiah prophesied of a Savior and a Son who would be born of a virgin. He was the One who would COMFORT His people.

That wonderful day came about 700 years later!

In a stable He was Born!

30 years later He showed up one Saturday in the Nazareth synagogue.

He stood and the rabbis gave Him the big scroll of Isaiah.

Jesus turned to Isaiah 61:1 and read the prophecy concerning the Messiah - The Deliverer - The Savior!

" The Spirit of The Lord has anointed Me", Jesus said - Luke 4: 18, 19

1. To preach the gospel to the poor.

​​(Gospel = good news - I don't have to be Poor anymore!)

2. God has sent Me to heal the broken-hearted.

(Gospel = good news - I don't have to be depressed and broken hearted.)

3. To preach deliverance to the captives.

(Gospel = good news - I don't have to live with an addiction or be bound by any fear!)

4. And recovering of sight to the blind.

(Gospel = good news - God can and will do the miracle of healing in my body!

5. To set at liberty them that are bruised.

(Gospel = good news - God will heal my mind and give me freedom from every abuse I've suffered.

6. To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

(Gospel = good news - This is the year God has accepted me!)

...And Jesus closed the book, and He gave it again to the minister and sat down. ... This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.

So.......The Savior Messiah Jesus provided these 6 miracles for Me!


1) I am free from poverty - Jesus is providing!

2) I am living in Joy - Jesus is healing my broken heart!

3) I am free from fear and all addictions - Jesus is healing me!

4) I can see spiritual things and my physical eyes Jesus is healing!

5) I have peace of mind and sweet sleep because I am free from all abuse!

6) I am loved and accepted by God because Jesus is My Savior!




I Believe In Jesus Christ for...

Physical - Mental - Emotional - Daily - Forever


I will Receiving the Blessings Jesus

Died to Give Me!

Pray with me...

Jesus come into my life and be The Lord of my life. I remove all idols and turn to You, Lord Jesus. I want to be born again by the Holy Spirit to be forgiven of my sins. I want to have a home in heaven when my earth life is finished. I believe in your birth, life, Your death on the cross and that You were resurrected according to the account in the Holy Bible. I want to live for You and serve You.

In Jesus Name I pray Amen.


What's In It For Me?

Psalms 103 rehearses the blessing...Bless the Lord Oh my soul and forget not all his benefits...! 

Don't forget the Big Benefit Package coming when you give your life to Jesus!


Remember the words spoken to Abraham, "In thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed." God was talking about Messiah Jesus who would come through  the line of Abraham.

Oh How Jesus Has Blessed the Earth!!!

God will give these Benefits to YOU too!

God kept His part and did all five of the promises below for Abraham.

IF you do - THEN I will...

1. I will Make a Great Nation of You.

2. I will Bless You.

3. I will make you a Big Name.

4. I will Knock down your enemies.

5. All the families of the earth will be Blessed In You!

God asked Abraham to leave his homeland and go to a new place God would show.  --- What is God asking you to leave?

Is it a job or business that is pulling you down spiritually?

God was asking Balaam to leave fortune telling and get back to God's Voice.

God has a huge golden parachute package just waiting for YOU if you will follow His leading and His Voice.

It takes FAITH! God will give You FAITH!

My Story - A Case in Point!

I remember when I was on the sales team of the French Luxury House - Cartier Inc. It was a very lucrative job that was offered to me after I had achieved a big sales goal for the Boucheron luxury house. It seemed like a great opportunity to prosper. But deep in my heart I knew I was chasing money and things. I had a small consulting job that provided our needs and also allowed me to do the work of the ministry that God had commissioned me to cover. I pondered on the job offer and shared my opportunity with some close friends - all of whom said it would put me in a box and inhibit my ability to fulfill the ministry call. But one young lawyer said to me...

"It's God's blessing for you. Do you want to be a poor pastor forever?"

        I was vulnerable as all my adult life we constantly had to believe for finances to come in. God was always faithful and provided all our needs and many wants also! But I was looking to be rich. I forgot the scripture that says,

"Labour not to be rich: cease from thine own wisdom." Proverbs 23:4

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." I Timothy 6:10

        So I accepted the job.

Sure, it had many perks. I traveled the western states, staying in the most luxurious hotels, ate gourmet food, carried luxury purses and wore expensive watches. But over the 5 years of that job I felt my life getting emptier day by day. I had no time to teach the Bible or accept speaking engagements. I could not be part of a church staff anymore. I had no time to even study the Bible. I was up early to get on the plane and late to bed after attempting to complete the details of 33 accounts that were part of my territory. I was always alone and busy. I made all the sales goals and won many honors and gifts, yet deep inside there was no joy or satisfaction. When you follow God's call, you will have an abiding sense of peace and satisfaction. I remembered the days when I did and longed to get back there.

        One morning on the Southwest flight to Vegas, I was conversing with The Lord. I said, " God I sure would like to get back into the ministry. I'm tired of this travel life and emptiness." Jesus immediately spoke to me, "Well I've been waiting on you. I never told you to take this job." I knew right then that would be my last trip to Vegas. I called my boss in New York and resigned. He was pressuring me to stay on as I was up for a big bonus in a few months. The world trade center towers had just fallen from the terror attack. "Don't leave now, " my boss offered. "Your accounts are the only ones that have grown in spite of the terror attack". People were holding their dollars for luxury goods after 9-11, yet my accounts were up with a double digit increase. It was hard to walk away from a BIG BONUS!

Yet in my heart I knew the voice of Jesus and God had given me a heart to obey!


What is God Asking of You ?

? Is it a job that pulls you down spiritually?

? Is it friendships that compromise your faith and faithfulness to God?

? Is it a boyfriend or girlfriend or a relationship that you know is not right for you?


Follow God's leading and your conscience. Do what your heart tells you to do!

God Will Give You a Heart that Obeys.

God will Reward Your Obedience with Blessings!

Pray with me today.

Dear Lord, thank You for hearing me and helping me to follow You.

I hear You calling me out of the place I am in that is pulling me down. I want to come up to Your call and desire for me. I know You love me. I have walked away from knowing and being with You and the Church. I have followed pursuits that have pulled me away. Forgive me Lord. I turn to You, Jesus, and give my life to You. I will live for you and follow You with the Faith You have given me. Give me a heart that obeys and receives the grace You offer to follow You. I leave the old life and the old relationships to come and follow You. Show me what to do and where to go, just like You did for Abraham. Thank you Dear Father for Your rewards of faith through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


God's Big Benefit Package

Balaam - What an interesting character in the book of Numbers, chapter 23!

His name in Hebrew means: Balaam = "not of the people".

Isn't that strange since the Bible records that he is from the family of Abraham, specifically the descendent of the beloved Isaac through Esau, one of Isaac's twin sons.

So in his grasp were all the promises of God given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He was as Jewish as one can be, with a fine pedigree but he refused his heritage benefit package for his own plan of prosperity!

How Come you may ask? Well, it looks like he left the community of believers in the desert making their way to the Promise Land for a

Quick Get Rich Scheme!

Sounds like he was sick of the manna bread God gave every day and tired of all the faith tests of Divine Leadership in the desert. No cucumbers, not much meat in the diet, constantly looking for water and regular war with neighboring nations! Balaam was finished with this faith life! He needed some results right now.

He decided to move 400 miles away to Pethor by the Euphrates River with the Assyrians where the kings came to pay tribute. The very name Pethor in Hebrew means "soothsayer" - a place of paradise dreams.

He would find a way to get rich there!

While there he foretold specific details concerning specific people and events. In time these events transpired just as he prophesied.

He made a big name for himself in Pethor. Even the King knew who Balaam was.

He Didn't Stay Close to his people or God.

But he lived away from the people of God, away from the congregation, away from God's laws and love.

He was heading nowhere fast. The devil loves to move you away from the people of God. Divide and conquer is his game.

Balaam walked away from the blessing of God too! Why did he walk away? When would he return to the Lord?

God shared his benefit package with Balaam's Great Granddaddy Abraham in Genesis 12: 1 - 3

God had just two conditions for his Abrahamic Benefit Package. LEAVE and GO!

Leave Your Country - Leave Your Family - Leave Your Father's House - Go where I will show you...Gen. 12:1

Abraham believed God and left!

God kept His part and did all five of the promises He offered to Abraham.

IF you do - THEN I will...

1. I will Make a Great Nation of You.

2. I will Bless You.

3. I will make you a Big Name.

4. I will Knock down your enemies.

5. All the families of the earth will be Blessed In You!

Why would Balaam walk away from such a great Benefits Package?

He had his eyes on quick easy money now - Not a life of faith and waiting on God's timing.

But wait until you see what else he will lose if he stays in Pethor.

God has a huge golden parachute package just waiting for him if he will return to God and His people. I'll tell you more ...

What's In It For Me? See above blog insert...

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