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  • Welcome to the Whitestone Chapel Prayer Church site.

  • We are a prayer ministry teaching others to pray and believe that God changes things when we pray.   

  • We facilitate "ARISE MY LOVE" COME AWAY EVENTS twice a year to inspire and encourage growth in each believer.

  • Monthly we meet together, for "ARISE GATHERING" where we share a meal, worship, pray and fellowship in God's Word.

  • We exist to encourage, comfort and inspire others to  live a blessed life following the Lord Jesus Christ.  

  • We help Single Moms who need assistance.

  • Board Members and Team Leaders are:

  • Ruth Christman-Newberry - Pastor

  • Yvonne Hill - Board Director

  • Theresa Hewitt - Board Facilitator

  • Sue Guy - Board Prayer Minister

  • Christina Raines - Hospitality Team

  • Christy Thian - Video Team

  • Chris Grubbs - Network Specialist Team

  • Darlene Ritterscamp - Photography Tean  

  • We are a non-profit organization registered in the state of Texas. 

  • "Arise My Love, My Fair One and Come Away with Me." Song of Songs 2:13


Prayers For My Children

Understanding Heart - Philippians
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🎈 I pray and BELIEVE dear children of mine, that your love will overflow to others yet more and more with Knowledge from God and moral discernment in ethical matters. 🎈I pray and BELIEVE you will have approval for excellent things and be without offense until the Lord returns. 🎈 I pray and BELIEVE you will love the things of God and hate the evil culture of the world; being filled with the fruits of righteous living which are by Jesus Christ unto the glory and praise of God. Philippians 1:9-11

🎈 I pray and BELIEVE you will love the things of God and hate the evil culture of the world; being filled with the fruits of righteous living which are by Jesus Christ unto the glory and praise of God. Philippians 1:9-11


  1.  I pray and BELIEVE your conversations and way of living will be becoming as children of God. That others can know the gospel when they hear and observe your way of life.

  2.  I pray and BELIEVE you will stand in Unity together as siblings and with your individual spouses in one spirit with a focused intention striving together for the FAITH Of the gospel.



Heading 3

  1. I pray and BELIEVE you will stand strong together dear children, and not be terrified with adverse situations and people, but know and stand in the salvation of God. Your enemy the devil would love to ruin you with fear of destruction.

  2. I pray and BELIEVE you will Live in faith and let nothing terrify you.

  3. I pray and BELIEVE you will remember that in Christ you will not only BELIEVE on Him but you will also SUFFER for him.


It's Time to "Arise and Shine" for the Glory of the Lord is risen upon His People. 

Isaiah 60

Monthly we meet to encourage and strengthen the Believers in Christ. 

Jesus is coming soon and we are helping to prepare the Believers like a Bride prepares for her Groom! 

Jesus is our Heavenly Groom and Savior. 

Come and Join in the Fellowship of Holy Spirit Believers - Corinth, Texas!

Highlights from  "Arise My Love Annual Come Away Event"  - 2020 

Highlights from "Arise" 2021

"Arise My Love " Event - Oct.  2022

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To Donate to "Arise My Love"

Each month ARISE MY LOVE PRAYER MINISTRY Purchases Super Book Video Stories of The Bible to share with children.

We help single moms who need groceries and utility help. 

We support the ministry of the MAOZ Ministry in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Would you like to help us purchase these videos, Help Single Moms and Bless Israel?

Make your donation to WHITESTONE CHAPEL PRAYER .

Donations are tax-deductible and can be made online through PayPal.

Whitestone Chapel Prayer Church is a Tax-Exempt Certified Non-Profit in the State of Texas.

Non Profit Board Members: Yvonne Hill, Deborah Larson, Theresa Hewitt, Sue Guy,  Rev. Ruth Christman

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"A Big Thank You"


...To all the friends who VOLUNTEER in "Arise My Love"!

What a JOY to meet you girls and to share the day with You!

It was a fabulous day of delicious food and fellowship and Ministry.

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Oct. 6, 2018 / 8:30 - 3:30 / Courtyard Marriott

Fun and Friendship - God's Divine Design for YOU !


 Comments from "Arise My Love"

"Thank You for the "Arise" event. It was the best day ever for me." ~ Cindy

"I saw and heard Jesus speaking when Rev. Maria was ministering..."  ~ Crystella

"Theresa prayed for me in the hallway. I felt God's presence to heal me." ~ Naomi

"I'm so glad I brought my sister Virginia as she was really blessed and relieved of the stress in her life." ~ Deborah


Next Arise My Love Friends Luncheon Event.. Coming soon ... 

Oct. 7, 2023 - Prairie House Restaurant

"Arise My Love"  Come Away Events

-  Please Call to Schedule Ruth to Speak - 


•  Ruth attended Biola University in Southern California and The Leadership School of Pastoral Studies at Christ for The Nations Institute in Dallas with a conferred theology degree.

•  Ruth is a gifted communicator with over 25 years of ministry experience that spans the local church with home groups, clubs, conventions, seminars and prophetic prayer events. Her passionate, personal and often humorous presentation impacts the heart of every sincere seeker.

•  She leads the Whitestone Chapel Prayer Network conducting weekly prayer sessions and miracle testimonies of life-changing answers to prayer.

•  Founded and operated  Whitestone Chapel Prayer Church.

•  Ruth  attends Valley Creek Church in Flower Mound, Texas.

•  Ruth holds credentials as a licensed and ordained minister with the International Foursquare Church. She lives in Lewisville with her family of three children and five grand children. Celebrating many years of ministry and she shares the heartwarming stories of passion, protection and provision.

To Schedule Ruth to speak at your event,  email

Interesting Topics...

  • How To Know God's Will and Voice!
  • God's Prophetic Words for America - 2022
  • What's Next on God's Timetable - 2020

Invite RUTH CHRISTMAN to speak at Your Event!

It's easy to invite Ruth to speak at your event. Ruth will travel to your destination and provide her own food and lodging. She lives by faith and God has generously provided at every level. It is her privilege to come and encourage your club, church and convention. 


Have Questions? Contact Us For More Information

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